Will 3G Networks Cope?

This report studies whether mobile networks will be able to cope with future increases to traffic volumes, by quantifying the evolution of network capacity and traffic over a five year period.

Telecom Report – “Will 3G Networks Cope?”

This report provides usage forecasts for 2009-2014, derived from a comprehensive service and usage model. It also quantifies network capacities for HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE, for different spectrum allocations and deployment scenarios. The network model incorporates complementary delivery mechanisms including WiFi, femtocells, broadcasting networks and sideloading, to assess their effectiveness in relieving the demand for macrocell capacity.

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The report comprises:

  • 120 pages
  • 29 figures
  • 18 tables
  • 30 000 words


Questions answered by this report

  • How will the service mix evolve on various devices (basic phones, smartphones and USB modems/datacards)?
  • By how much will traffic volumes increase?
  • What capacities will HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE networks realistically provide?
  • Will network capacity keep up with traffic volume increases? When will HSPA networks run out of capacity?
  • When will HSPA+ and LTE be necessary, and with what spectrum?
  • What are the implications for different types of mobile network operator?

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