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Unwired Insight can advise you on your mobile telecom strategy, based on wide industry experience, insightful analysis and pragmatic recommendations. Please contact us by email at or telephone +44 (0) 1480 819391 for more information.


We can help you to define a robust telecom strategy

With in-depth knowledge of wireless technologies and services and wide experience of strategic planning in both network operators and equipment manufacturers, we can help you define your strategy for:

  • network evolution
  • technology investment
  • network sharing
  • mobile service launch
  • mobile market entry
  • technology development
  • partnerships and acquisitions.

Our approach is based on:

  • detailed understanding of wireless technologies and systems
  • in-depth knowledge of the mobile telecommunications market in the UK and worldwide
  • insight gained from many years of experience in mobile network operators and telecom equipment vendors
  • rigorous analysis of market data and market intelligence
  • a pragmatic, common-sense outlook
  • clear communication of results.


Telecom strategy on a wide range of topics in the mobile industry

Unwired Insight can help you with a variety of current mobile industry issues, including 4G/LTE deployment, network sharing, spectrum acquisition, mobile broadband services, the evolution of mobile voice, and much more. You can gauge the breadth of topics we cover by visiting our Wireless Blog. You will find links to some of our recent Wireless Blog posts below.

We have undertaken telecom strategy projects for a variety of organisations, including:

  • New investment plan for a major European network operator. We undertook a cross-company project involving Finance, Technology, Marketing and Sales departments to challenge the assumptions of the existing investment plan. We performed a rigorous analysis of the local market and competitors and facilitated Board-level workshops, which led to the approval of a new, more aggressive business plan.
  • Mobile market entry strategy for a leading UK broadcaster. Working closely with the Director of Business Development, we supported the development and implementation of a mobile market-entry strategy. This involved analysis of the UK mobile industry, the creation of compelling service propositions, business case modelling, and support to mobile network operator negotiations. The work resulted in the successful launch of several mobile services.
  • Bid strategy for a mobile infrastructure vendor. We studied the market for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solutions in mobile networks and assessed the competitive advantages of the products available from our client. Based on our findings we proposed a bid strategy, which shaped the development of detailed bid documents.
  • 3G strategy for a major UK retail brand. We provided an independent assessment of the mobile market opportunities for an organisation coming from outside the industry and identified specific opportunities around 3G networks and services. We presented to a large group of potential investors and facilitated partnerships with like-minded companies including retailers, broadcasters and mobile network operators.
  • Mobile market entry strategy for a niche technology manufacturer. We supported the development of a mobile market entry strategy for a technology company with a novel hardware product that had a potential role in mobile handsets. We presented to Board members a thorough analysis of the global mobile market and an evaluation of the market opportunities and proposed market entry strategy. The technology has now been successfully incorporated into mobile phones.
  • Strategy for a mobile application service provider. We provided an analysis of the mobile market and proposed specific opportunities for the founder of a mobile application service provider. We evaluated a number of alternative business models to identify the best one. We identified target partners for the company and facilitated introductions to mobile network operators and system integrators.

For more information, or to discuss how we can help you with your strategic decisions, please email or call +44 (0) 1480 819391.

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Since 2001 our strategic analysis and advice has been used by network operators, equipment vendors, component manufacturers, online service providers, media companies, investors, lawyers, consultants and regulators of all shapes and sizes. For further details, please visit our Customers page.


  • “I commissioned Unwired Insight to research an opportunity for us with a new audio technology in the mobile communications market. Within a relative short period of time their team came back and presented a thorough piece of work that clearly demonstrated the opportunities. Our audience included non-technical stakeholders and they found the right balance to describe the application without over simplification.”
  • “One of the smartest executives I have come across in the mobile space. An outstanding grasp of industry dynamics and great instincts on where new business development opportunities lie. We worked closely together to help seed the embryonic mobile content market and I found him open, energetic, focused and a pleasure to deal with.”