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Unwired Insight is a telecommunication consultancy based in the UK. With technical and commercial experience spanning more than 25 years we can advise you on your critical business issues in the mobile telecom industry.

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Consultancy based on real industry experience

Unwired Insight can draw on wide industry experience in the design and deployment of mobile networks and services, including:

  • research and development of wireless technologies and mobile systems
  • participation in ETSI/3GPP standardisation
  • overall architectural design of mobile networks
  • mobile network investment planning
  • development of business cases for new mobile services and technologies
  • business planning for new features in mobile telecommunication equipment
  • stimulation of demand for new mobile services to drive adoption of new technologies


Diverse telecom consultancy projects for a range of customers

Over the years we have undertaken a wide variety of projects. Some of these were for organisations already at the heart of the mobile industry and others were for companies looking in from the outside. Here are just a few examples:

  • Analysis of prepaid mobile tariffs for a large European mobile network operator. Prior to the widespread adoption of prepaid tariffs, when mobile penetration was still low, we analysed the opportunity for prepaid mass-market services for the Chief Marketing Officer of a major mobile network operator. We provided detailed market analysis of the business opportunity, including case studies of successful prepaid services around the world. The operator subsequently implemented prepaid services and achieved a significant uplift in its customer numbers and market share.
  • Evaluation of mobile services for the leading Japanese mobile network operator. Following a broad evaluation of mobile services around the world, we identified ten opportunities for a network operator to grow usage and revenue. We provided a detailed assessment of each service concept, including interviews with organisations involved in their delivery, and identified potential partnership opportunities.
  • Assessment of MVNO opportunities for a major retail brand. We worked with the board of a major UK retail brand to identify opportunities to enter the mobile market. We developed innovative business models and facilitated partnerships with other UK organisations, including mobile network operators, retailer and broadcasters.
  • Evaluation of mobile services portals for a mobile network equipment vendor. For the business development department of a major equipment manufacturer we analysed a range of mobile service portals to identify the key dependencies on mobile systems, in terms of functionality, capacity and commercial models, as the services evolved.
  • Review of mobile industry opportunities for a leading manufacturer of integrated circuits. We undertook a review of mobile broadband, fixed broadband and WiFi services in Europe, including pricing and marketing, and defined a number of plausible scenarios for the evolution of the global wireless industry, to help this manufacturer assess its market opportunities.
  • Analysis of network investment implications of mobile data growth for city investors. On behalf of a leading European bank, we analysed the growth of data traffic on 3G networks and the implications for mobile network CAPEX, presenting this to a group of private equity investors and financial analysts.
  • Evaluation of a new mobile service opportunity for a venture capital company. We advised a small venture capital company considering investment in a mobile TV content aggregator. We provided comprehensive analysis of the company, its product, the target market and potential competitors.

For examples of the range of topics we cover, please visit our Wireless Blog. You will find links to recent articles below.

For more information on our telecommunication consultancy services, or to discuss how we can help you, please email or call us on +44 (0) 1480 819391.

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More than 250 organisations worldwide have used our advice on mobile telecom strategy and the opportunities and threats in the wireless industry. These include financial institutions, broadcasters and media companies, telecom equipment manufacturers and telecom operators. Please take a look at some of their names on our Customers page.


  • “One of the smartest executives I have come across in the mobile space. An outstanding grasp of industry dynamics and great instincts on where new business development opportunities lie. We worked closely together to help seed the embryonic mobile content market and I found him open, energetic, focused and a pleasure to deal with.”
    British Sky Broadcasting
  • “A first rate consultant with a deep and thorough knowledge of the mobile communications industry. With over 30 years in the industry, I rate him among the best of the best. An accomplished, client focused professional, he consistently over delivers and adds real value to client interactions and engagements.”
    Analysys Mason