Telecom analysis

Unwired Insight combines in-depth knowledge of telecommunications, rigorous analysis of technical, commercial and regulatory issues, and coherent presentation of results and recommendations, to answer your critical business questions.


Customised analysis on a wide range of topics

Unwired Insight can provide you with customised analysis on a variety of technical, commercial and regulatory issues in the mobile industry. We can quickly find and analyse information as the basis for drawing out valuable insight to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on presenting our results in clear and understandable ways in reports, presentations and informal discussions.

Unwired Insight is able to draw on a wide variety of mobile industry experience spanning more than 25 years, including the development, standardisation and deployment of wireless technologies and services. The breadth of topics we cover is reflected in the contents of our Wireless Blog on this web site.

Here are typical examples of customised telecom analysis we have undertaken previously:

  • modelling the take-up and usage of mobile broadband services, to assess the implications for mobile network data traffic
  • studying the take-up of mobile messaging services to identify growth opportunities and underpin a campaign to stimulate usage
  • developing a business case and marketing plan to exploit an innovative new hardware technology with a potential role in mobile devices
  • benchmarking leading European mobile network operators against a range of technical and commercial metrics, as the basis for identifying strengths, weaknesses and strategic options
  • modelling wireless technologies to estimate the mobile network capacity benefits of HSPA+ and LTE compared with previous systems
  • undertaking interviews with online application providers and analysing the findings to identify emerging opportunities for mobile broadband services
  • developing case studies of leading mobile data services around the world, to stimulate ideas for new services in European markets.


Telecom analysis to suit a variety of customers

Much of our work is for organisations at the heart of the mobile industry, such as network operators, equipment manufacturers, service providers and regulators. However, we also undertake many projects for people looking in from the outside, including new technology companies, online application providers, retailers, broadcasters, investors and lawyers.

We cut through the complexity and jargon of wireless technologies and services to present the most important issues in a clear and straightforward manner. Our analysis has often been quoted by the press, including BBC News, Financial Times, Sunday Times, Sky News, The Economist and Total Telecom. For examples of the organisations that have benefited from our work since 2001, please visit our Customers page.

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Telecom analysis examples

We have undertaken a wide variety of telecom analysis, including:

  • Presentation on the outlook for mobile network capital investment for a German investment bank.
  • Quantification of plausible scenarios for the evolution of the global wireless industry for a US component manufacturer.
  • Analysis of the outlook for the mobile industry, presented to the top 100 managers of an international mobile network operator.
  • Evaluation of WiMAX business cases for developed and developing markets, in a published research report.
  • Presentation of independent analysis of the mobile TV market, at the public launch of a new mobile TV system.
  • Market research on mobile broadband, fixed broadband and WiFi services and pricing, for an international chip manufacturer.
  • Interviews and analysis on the most successful mobile services around the world, for the leading Japanese mobile network operator.
  • Assessment of mobile network operator business cases for femtocells and picocells, in published reports.
  • Proposals on the regulatory policy for MVNOs, for Ofcom.