iPhone for Mobile TV

The iPhone will have a significant impact on the mobile TV market – before mobile broadcasting technologies, such as DVB-H, have been deployed extensively. This iPhone report assesses the effect the iPhone will have on the development of the global market for mobile TV.

Telecom Report – “iPhone Shows the Way for Mobile TV”

Many mobile network operators hope to generate revenue from mobile TV and video services, using a combination of 3G and dedicated broadcasting networks (for example, DVB-H or MediaFLO). However, it may take many years for broadcasting networks to be deployed extensively.

The iPhone can already offer TV and video services, without the use of either mobile broadcasting networks or 3G/HSPA, and challenges widely held assumptions about how to deliver a compelling mobile TV proposition to consumers.

Building on the very latest market data and consumer research, this iPhone report considers the impact that the iPhone will have on the emerging mobile TV market and discusses the lessons that it brings.

The initial take-up of the iPhone has been constrained, primarily by Apple’s market entry strategy. The report considers how this strategy is likely to change and the effect that this will have on the development of the global market for mobile TV.

This iPhone report examines the strengths and weaknesses of key features of the iPhone and its services, including the innovative use of sideloading and WLAN; the increasing availability of TV and video content from a variety of sources; the evolving capabilities of iPhone devices; and the pricing models being adopted worldwide.


Questions anwered by this report

  • What impact is the iPhone having on the mobile TV industry, and what impact could it have?
  • What has been the take-up of the iPhone so far?
  • What future strategies will be adopted by Apple, and what will effect will they have on iPhone penetration?
  • What does the latest consumer research tell us about the use of the iPhone for mobile TV and video services?
  • What’s needed to deliver a compelling mobile TV and video proposition, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone?
  • How can the iPhone deliver mobile TV and video without mobile broadcasting networks or 3G?
  • What TV and video content is available worldwide for the iPhone, and how will this develop?
  • What are the roles of iTunes, YouTube and catch-up TV services offered by broadcasters, DVD ripping and Slingbox?
  • How does iPhone service bundling and pricing help to support mobile TV, and what improvements are needed?
  • What actions should organisations take to seize opportunities for the iPhone, or remain competitive with it?

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