Future of the Wireless Industry

The wireless industry needs to prepare for major changes ahead. We have defined three plausible scenarios for the future, based on trends that can be seen today, as the basis for strategic decisions.

Telecom Report – “Scenarios for the Future of the Global Wireless Industry”

To prepare organisations for the potentially radical changes and challenges that lie ahead, this telecom report studies emerging trends in the mobile industry and focuses on five broad areas that will have a major influence on its future direction:

  • Voice telephony – how trends such as price competition and regulation, fixed-mobile substitution and VoIP will affect the usage of, and revenue from, voice services on wireless networks.
  • Non-voice services – the evolution of the wireless service mix, and the extent to which mobile networks will become low-margin data pipes.
  • Technology deployment – the future role of HSPA+ and LTE, and the impact of femtocells and network sharing.
  • Industry structure and competition and the extent of future consolidation.
  • The relative growth of developing and developed markets.

The report identifies and quantifies three plausible scenarios for the evolution of the global wireless industry, entitled:

  • “Emerging Markets Thrive”
  • “Cellular Goes Indoors”
  • “Low-cost Data Pipes”.

The report discusses the implications of each scenario for industry players and identifies early indicators of the increased likelihood of each scenario.


Questions answered by this report

  • What are the major emerging trends that could have a major impact on the wireless industry?
  • How could the global wireless industry evolve?
  • What impact will each scenario have on the major players in the wireless industry?
  • What actions should mobile network operators, handset and infrastructure vendors, and other organisations take now?

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