Business Case for Femtocells

In our femtocell report, we study the business case for femtocells. The report pinpoints the circumstances in which femtocells are commercially viable, and defines compelling consumer propositions and marketing plans.

Telecom Report – “Femtocells in the Consumer Market: business case and marketing plan”

Much early attention has been focused on the technical challenges of femtocells, but mobile network operators should concentrate on developing viable business cases and delivering successful consumer propositions.

This femtocell report shows operators how they can profitably derive revenue from femtocells by defining compelling consumer propositions with which to target key segments. It considers both voice telephony and a number of non-voice services that will be critical to a viable business case.

The report quantifies the business case for operators deploying femtocells for a range of customer types and service mixes in order to pinpoint the most attractive opportunities.


Questions answered by this report

  • What is the business case, including quantified revenues, cost savings and investment requirements?
  • Which are the most attractive target segments for mobile network operators?
  • Is there a business case for voice-telephony services alone and, if so, in what circumstances?
  • What is the financial payback for a range of customer segments and service mixes? How can you achieve payback in less than six months?
  • How can non-voice services improve the business case for femtocells?
  • What is the most compelling service offering for consumers?
  • How could femtocells allow mobile network operators to make dramatic reductions in investment in conventional 3G macrocellular networks?
  • How much could mobile operators save?
  • How does the business case for femtocells compare with those for other options, such as home-zone tariffs and bundled services?

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