Business Case for Picocells

Femtocells and picocells can enable mobile network operators to provide the enterprise market with enhanced coverage, new services and attractive pricing of indoor mobile services. We show how to achieve a viable business case.

Telecom Report – “The Business Case for Picocells and Femtocells in the Enterprise Market”

The enterprise market presents an important revenue opportunity for mobile network operators. However, the provision of indoor services is currently a major area of weakness.

Mobile operators are increasingly threatened by the WLAN community’s development and deployment of dual-mode services, which are tempting enterprises with the promise of reduced expenditure on traditional telecoms.

This telecom report shows how the introduction of indoor base stations – picocells and femtocells – could allow mobile network operators to fight back. The report assesses the business case for the deployment of indoor base stations in enterprises.

Although indoor base station deployment in the enterprise market is embryonic, the report reviews early service implementations by mobile network operators, and identifies actions that mobile network operators and indoor base station vendors must take in order to make the most of opportunities in the enterprise market.


Questions answered by this report

  • What are enterprises’ key requirements for indoor services?
  • What can be learnt from early movers that are already deploying indoor base stations?
  • What is the business case for a number of deployment scenarios?
  • What user densities and ARPU levels are necessary in order to achieve an adequate financial return?
  • How can improvements in transmission costs improve business case viability?
  • What are the critical ingredients, over and above the deployment of indoor base station equipment, needed for success?
  • How should mobile network operators compete against emerging WLAN services that use dual-mode handsets?

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