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At Unwired Insight we aim to provide you with high quality results and a pragmatic approach. Whether we are explaining technology, developing a business case, advising investors, or discussing technology patents with a roomful of lawyers, we will do all we can to meet your requirements.

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Pragmatic insight from industry experts

Whatever your needs, you can rely on Unwired Insight to bring a blend of experience, analysis, insight, and clear communication to solve your problems. In everything we do we strive to live up to the following values:

Quality – If getting the right answer to your question is crucial, then Unwired Insight is the place to come. We will leave no stone unturned to deliver high quality, dependable results.

Clarity – We pride ourselves on clear communication, whether by mouth or the written word. With experience of lecturing, writing, board-level discussion and cross examination in the High Court, you can rely on us to explain complex technical issues accurately and understandably.

Integrity – You can rely on us to handle your work confidentially and discretely at all times and to provide honest opinion on the matters within our expertise. We do not claim to know everything about everything and if, for any reason, we are unable to undertake your work, we will tell you at the outset.

Independence – We are not tied to specific organisations in the mobile industry and we fiercely protect our independence. You can depend on us to provide an honest, independent opinion on whatever questions you put before us.

Flexibility – We recognise that life does not always go to plan and sometimes you may have unusual requests or short deadlines to work to. We can’t promise miracles, but we will pull out all the stops to respond to your needs and deliver what you want, when you want it.

Personable approach – We aim to make it as easy as possible to work with us. In your dealings with Unwired Insight you will get a friendly, down-to-earth approach with a strong focus on the task in hand. We will listen carefully to your requirements and respond to your preferred style of working, so that you have the necessary level of control but without us being a burden.

Over the years we have developed good working relationships with a wide variety of clients and partners, including network operators, equipment manufacturers, regulators, investors, analysts, consultants and publishers. Our approach has been particularly popular with lawyers, who value our thorough analysis, attention to detail, clear communication and responsive approach. You can find a full list of our clients on our Customers page.

You can find more about how we can help you on our Services page and more about our track record on our Credentials page.

Please email contact@unwiredinsight.com or call +44 (0) 1480 819391 for more information.

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  • “A first rate consultant with a deep and thorough knowledge of the mobile communications industry. With over 30 years in the industry, I rate him among the best of the best. An accomplished, client focused professional, he consistently over delivers and adds real value to client interactions and engagements.”
    Analysys Mason
  • “He is very able at explaining complex technical issues, verbally and in writing.”
    Bird & Bird
  • “Alastair is an intelligent and insightful individual who approaches challenges with thoroughness and pragmatism. He is quietly persuasive and calls on thoroughly thought through and logical arguments and creativity…”