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Unwired Insight announces the world’s top ten non-voice services for mobile operators

With many operators desperately searching for ways to increase non-voice revenue, the world’s top ten non-voice services have been identified in the report, The World’s Top Ten Non-voice Services for Mobile Operators, written by Unwired Insight.

“With falling voice ARPUs, mobile operators now need to drive non-voice services”, says co-author Dr Alastair Brydon. “From a vast array of wireless services, we’ve identified the ten best non-voice services in the world, picking out those exhibiting high market potential, effective implementation and suitability for reproduction on other markets.”

The world’s top ten non-voice services are:

  • Vodafone’s Casa FASTWEB DSL service (Italy)
  • O2’s SMS service (UK)
  • 3’s 3G mobile TV and video streaming service (UK)
  • T-Mobile’s BlackBerry email and instant messaging service (USA)
  • Sprint Nextel’s CDMA2000 EV-DO Revision A mobile broadband service (USA)
  • 3’s DVB-H mobile TV broadcasting service (Italy)
  • KDDI au’s EZ Chaku-uta Full music downloading service (Japan)
  • SK Telecom’s Cyworld Mobile community portal service (South Korea)
  • NTT DoCoMo’s DCMX mobile credit service (Japan)
  • Vodafone’s MiniCall ‘voice SMS’ service (Egypt)

“The top service may be a surprise to some”, says Dr Mark Heath, co-author of the report. “However, DSL services can generate average monthly revenue of at least four times current non-voice ARPU levels. All of our top ten have great potential to drive operator ARPU.”

This new report identifies the top ten services from a large number of non-voice services worldwide, and provides detailed case studies and analysis of these leading services to help others replicate their success. The report provides unique guidance to mobile operators (as well as MVNOs and third party service providers) on the best opportunities to increase their non-voice service revenues.

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